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Support renewal for VTune Performance Analyzer

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I am currently in the process of renewing my support services for the VTune Performance Analyzer. However, I am confused about which product to buy the renewal for, VTune Peformace Analyzer or VTune Amplifier XE? Through my support services for VTune Performace Analyzer, I was able to download and use VTune Amplifier XE. The Intel website doesn't even list renewal prices for VTune Performance Analyzer. One vendor gives me a fairly lower price for renewal for VTune Performace Analyzer compared to another vendor who gave me a quote for Vtune Amplifier XE (even though I asked for VTune Performance Analyzer renewal). So which one do I buy? If I buy the cheap one will I still be able to use the Amplifier XE version?

I aplogize if my e-mail is confusing but I am confused myself. Any help will greatly be appreciated.

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Hi Jon!
Order a renewal for Intel VTune Amplifier XE. This is our new name for VTune Performance Analyzer.

Sorry for the confusion, we've changed the names of some of our products with this release(see chart), but our renewal and update policy remains the same. If your support contract for VTune analyzer was current on the launch date of VTune Amplifier XE, then you are entitled to download and use the new version. Your renewal will give you support and updates for another year.

I don't know why the one vendor is offering renewals for the old product name, the only renewal we now offer is for VTune Amplifier XE (the new name).

The other thing to consider is upgrading to Intel Parallel Studio XE which adds memory checking, thread checking, static security analysis, an optimizing compiler and performance libraries. We have some great prices on the upgrade, check with your reseller for details.

- Dick
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Hello, this also a question about renewals and ISP. I have yesterday bought a pre-expiry renewal at How long dose it take that until they proceed with the order? Will I get a serial or is it going to my Intel account automatically? I'm also using two different email addresses for and Regards Mio PS Tank you for your response in advanced.
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