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The VTune gui plug-in -- recommendation

If you are using VTune 2.0 for Linux and have not tried the
gui plugin the the vtl viewer, do yourself a favor and try
it out now. It is *excellent.

To start it, simply type: vtl view a#::r# -gui

A couple of tips: If your code contains multiple shared libraries
the gui will, by default, give you a hierarchical function listing
on a library-by-library basis. To get a flat list (more useful,
IMHO), right mouse and unselect Hierarchy. Second, when you change
the sort order in the file list (e.g. from Self Time, to Total Time,
it going to the top of the window is a real drag. The scroll bar
has non-standard behavior (it is not possible to middle mouse at
the target location and you must left-mouse-drag the scroll-bar
to the top) but CTRL-HOME will do the job.

The one downside of the GUI is that it will not give Self-Time
of a function or Total-Time (inclusive time) as a percentage of
the total run time. I hope this will be improved.

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Great report, Gisli.
Note that the next release of the vtl software, in beta next quarter according to the current plan, will have a signficantly improved GUI interface, that will not only be available for callgraph, but sampling as well.
Stay tuned!

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I have just downloaded an evaluation copy of VTune 2.0 for Linux.
It doens't seem to include the gui plugin. Where can I get the gui
plugin to try? (Or have I not installed correctly?) Thanks.

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Because for VTune 2.0 for Linux the callgraph viewer is an add-on, an extra plug in, I think it has its own tar ball.
I just went to, and file downloads. From there, I asked for VTune Analyzer for Linux files. The callgraph viewer is a separate tarball as I remembered (whew! nice to get them right once in a while!!) and is specifically this filename:
If you've registered for VTune 2.0, you should see the same thing at Premier.
Your plan of attack should be, make sure VTune 2.0 is installed and works, with a callgraph activity, say, like this:
$ vtl activity -c callgraph -app /bin/ls -moi /bin/ls run
if it runs, view the ASCII data:
$ vtl view
THEN, untar this second file and run its install program:
# tar xvf vtune_cgview_1.0.277.tar
# ../ (again, if memory serves)
The install program should prompt you for some defaults, and successfully complete. It takes less then a minute on my system.
To run it, you just add that -gui to the current (or any) view data command:
$ vtl view -gui
Easy peasy.
If you continue to have trouble downloading that softwarelet me know here, and I'll to ftp it to you (it's a little more than 10MB).
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