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Event Counters Programming Help

Hi All,
This is my first post in the group, please ignore if I have used any wrong terminology.
I am trying to build a device driver where in I can access all the 18 performance counters of the Intel Pentium 4 processor and display the results. I would like to know if its feasible and from what I have read, it says that 18 counters work in pairs. Does that mean we have only 9 results ?
Can you please suggest me some gud links on ways to access these counters and details of their funtionality.
Thank You in advance.
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Thanks for posting this question!
The only documentation I know of is "Volume 3: System's Programming Guide" of the IA-32 Intel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, downloadable from here (see links near bottom of page). See the chapter "Debugging and Performance Monitoring", starting with section 14.8 (in the printed book) "Performance Monitoring Overview". I don't actually know if there is enough information to program the registers there, but there is information about it.
From what I know of the registers, even though there are 18 registers on some processors, only certain events can be programmed in certain registers, which basically limits how many events you can collect at once. The VTune analyzer uses an allocation algorithm to collect as many events at once as possible, running the activity multiple times to collect all of the events.
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