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Uneasy about install

Having one monolithic, 17 MB binary 'install' program that runs as 'root' makes me just a little nervous.
I know it must install some kernel modules, etc, but I'd much prefer to see a shell script that does an /sbin/insmod, or a cp something.o /lib/modules/... so I can see what it wants to do with god-like powers.

The binary/tarball has no cryptographic signature that I can idependently verify, so I can't even be sure I got a good download. (They don't let our Linux boxes have https, so I must use IE to download).

Are there any plans to change the installation procedure?
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Hi Kenny thanks for the feedback! We will definitely take that into consideration
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Hi Kenny,

To offset any worries that you might have, after you ran the install binary, you may have noticed that a bunch of new files were created in the directory. The install binary is sort of like an enormous tarball, although it requires a special key to unlock it. After the files have been placed in the directory, one or more script files are then run, and, depending upon the options that are selected at the beginning of the install program.

The real guts of the install program are found in and, and since both are plain-text script files, you can examine them to determine what changes are being made to your system.

You can also examine the spec files for the RPMs to see which scripts are run during install and uninstall.

Aaron Levinson
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