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Using the DS store feature w/Brach Trace under WinXP 32bit

Hello all,

I'm attempting to get the DS Store feature going, for "Branch Trace Store" use under Windows XP 32bit and I'm having some problems.

I'm pretty sure I've set everything up properly. I've followed sections, 18.15.5,, etc., in the "Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual Volume 3B: System Programming Guide, Part 2".
But when I turn it on I seem to be getting only the first branch and it stops.
I'm sure it's at least partially working because the system will slow down (assumably from the DS overhead) when I turn it on. So far just tried the polling mode, not the IRQ mode.

Part of my problem could be the obvious fact that the Windows XP kernel does not support it. It should work in polling mode at least according to the documentation.
I'm not adverse to doing kernel hacks for context switches, etc., like the VTune driver does.

Somewhat surprisingly, there is next to no documentation on this outside of the this Developers manual AFAIK.
A tiny bit of info for Linux "permon".
A single forum post from 2005:

With this hardware feature, it opens up all kinds possibilities for real time debugging and reverse engineering tools, etc.

Could anyone from Intel, or otherwise post some more information, source code bits, etc.? Perhaps someone from the VTune team?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I had no problems getting the Last branch recording facility to work under Windows XP. Doesn't even require a KMD (like DS store obviously does).

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We're moving this post to the VTune for Windows forum to see whether anyone in the VTune user/engineer community can help.


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Come on VTune people!
Put down the coffee and donuts, give this a few minutes.

I'm not the only one interested in this info.. thanks

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Actually, you *are* one of a handful of people that wants to know this.

I checked with the VTune analyzer developers and they say that if the manuals don't describe it, the other place to look is the open source VTune Performance Analyzer driver kit, used on Linux. The kit demonstrates how these features are used on Core2 Duo processors.

Hope that helps.
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Mmmm... donuts... :-)

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