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V-tune performance criteria?

Can any body tell me that what is the means for the criteria v-tune results are giving?

When I run v-tune for quick performance Analysis then gave the application path (.bat) file and then press go then it run the application for the .bat file is and it calculate the all parameter (default, I haven't change it.) shows me the window which result want to see. I select the first option (Sample result) then its ask me to select the jvm.dll file as the dll file not found I gave the proper path for that particular file(s).

Then its show the result list if I click the JVM unresolved address link as I want to see the result for my applcation which is developed in JAVA then it show another window having I think detail list for the result.
In that I can see idle time section at the right bottom box and above it right top its shows that other percentages for the clockticks event.
is that are relevent or should I have to campare that percentages for the performance analysis?

Same like the counter moniter Result
What is the System : Context Switches/sec,
Processor (_Total) : % Privileged Time,
Processor (_Total) : % Processor Time
Also what is XY means haivng values 0,999,1998 increasing with 999 upto 19092?

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First, please review the online help regarding Java profiling.

Second, I don't recommend using the Quick Performance Analysis wizard. I suggest you need to determine at what level you want to profile and use the appropriate wizard:

System level -> Counter Monitor
Application level -> Call graph
Application/micro-architecture level -> Sampling

Finally, profiling JBoss apps is a little more complicated. I've only had experience on Linux systems with JBoss. For Call graph and Sampling, you need to ensure that the JVM that runs your code is started with data collection enabled. We replaced invocation of the app server with a VTune analyzer command line (see vtl in online help), after which we exercised the app, then shut it down. The captured data can then be viewed with the graphical interface by importing it into the GUI.

Hi Mr. Andorson,
I have also tried with sampling also but after giving the bat file for run the application it do setting for the sampling after that in the collection for the following events is beening performed started and then clockticks ,instractions reired. showing in output general section and process going on only. I wait for hours but it didn't get stoped can you tell me what can be it?

Please see my reply to your other post.