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VTune 2017 Update 3 -- Execution hanging



I have recently decided to start profiling my code with the intel vtune amplifier. I have the software installed on a cluster that I ssh to.

I have a pretty decent connection so the idea was to run the analysis through the GUI.

What I did was the following:

  • I created a very simple example  file in C and compiled it with icc -g -O2
  • Once loaded the VTune module I lauched the GUI with amplxe-gui (Version is 2017 Update 3)
  • I created a new project and set the application to be the newly compiled binary
  • I set the automatic stop to happen at 120 sec after execution.
  • I selected Basic Hotspots as the analysis type and started.

Now a collection log pane appeared and there's a symbol showing that a process is running. There's written "Collecting Basic Hotspots data"  and a few other things. The binary needs only a few second to run normally but here in VTune it hangs forever.

Am I missing something?


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