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VTune Build Error on SLES 11


Hi guys,

I am currently using the SGI Altix 4700 system running on Itanium 2 and the OS is SLES11 ( ).

I downloaded the latest VTune release (Version: 9.1 Build: 9.1 Update7-401) which according to the release note supports SLES11. However it failed so I tried to build the driver by refering to HOWTO-BUILD-VTUNE-DRIVER manual and executed the following:


and the following is the error message:


checking for template makefile ...
checking for kerne l h eaders ... /lib/modules/
checking if C compiler is working ... yes
check ing if C compiler supports anonymous structs and unions ... yes
checking architecture ... ia64
checking kerne l ver sion ...
checking whether kernel modules can be built ... yes
checking if UP or SMP ... SM P
checking whether to use PERFMON ... no
** ERROR: Unable to detect legacy Perfmon2 kernel int erface**
** The kernel headers in /lib/modules/
** do not contain required configur a tion to support sampling.
** Please see VDK doc/HOWTO-BUILD-VTUNE-DRIVER for help in
** preparing a k ernel environment suitable for building the
** sampling driver.
** For details on the specific fai lur e, please see configure log file,
** /opt/intel/vtune/vdk/src/build_driver_log.txt .

I found that perfmon2 is installed in the system, so could someone hint me what could be the culprit here.


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The answer was provided at this forum topic.
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