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VTune on Windows XP AMD cpu for remotedly profiling binaries on SGI Altix (IA-64)

Could the experienced members of the forum
please explain what options I have and what
VTune components I should install to be able to
use the VTune's Graphic Interface for profiling
the binaries on SGI Altix, SuSe Linux, Propack 4, I
We have VTune 8.0 installed on the SGI side,
but since it is IA-64, there is only a command
line version of it availabe (IA-64 support
is expected in the first half of 2006, they say).
I have a Windows XP Pro running on AMD Athlon
64 (but could switch to Intel if necessary).
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Thanks Nickolay,
The VTune Performance Analyzer for Linux* 8.0(running on locally;
data collection part I guess) andVTune Performance
Analyzer for Linux* 8.0 (running remotely) work OK
(according ot our system administrator).
So we naturally presumed that Windows remote version
will work just as fine. But it did not want to run (install)on my
workstation that hasAMD cpu, that is why it is
was important for usto know that Windows Remote... on
Intel will work before replacing my workstation with
Intel based one. And based on your reply, it will not.
Is there any reason why we would want totry a beta
8.1 version rather than 8.0 local on SGI plus 8.0 remote
on Linux virtual machineunder windowsXP on
Intel cpu workstation.
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VTune is not adequately functional on AMD platforms, and this is an intentional management decision. It would not hurt to file a issue on that subject, pointing out your needs in terms of supporting an Intel product, not that this will influence matters. I think the direction is toward the native linux support.
I concur with the advice to file an issue on premier, asking to try the native Itanium GUI beta version, provided that your expectations aren't too high. I did find that its limitations were no worse for me than the limitations of the released remote collector version.
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Thanks, tim18

I did file the issue and got pretty much the

same answer that AMD is not supported ....

So, we will be filing a requiest to try the beta.

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Interestingly, we asked to be a beta tester,
the following was their reply:
The VTune Analyzer 8.1 will support SGI ProPack 4 on Itanium 2. The Beta program is planned to start at the end of July. The Beta program availability will be announced through Premier Support.
Do you have any other questions on this?

Intel VTune Performance Analyzer Support
Does it mean that 8.1 beta is unavailable yet? From reading this
message board Ihad got the impression that there
were many people thathad been testing it for quite a while.
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