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VTune with arguments HELP!!

I am started to use VTune in linux.
I don't understand how to use it for an application that need arguments.
For example :
I want to profile MY_APP. The noraml application command from a linux command line is:
>> MY_APP conf.txt -c=1,3
I cannot do this using VTune.
I try the script option but the callgraph didn;t give me any output.
Every function was skipped WHY???

The output of the running:
vtl activity -c callgraph -app /home/eyerusha/TEST/run.csh -moi MY_APP run
VTune Performance Analyzer 1.1 for Linux*
Copyright (C) 2000-2003 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

The Activity is running.
Tue Jul 29 18:01:31 2003 Static instrumentation started
Tue Jul 29 18:01:31 2003 All functions instrumentation of module my_app was skipped.
Tue Jul 29 18:01:31 2003 None instrumentation of module was skipped.
Tue Jul 29 18:01:31 2003 Exports instrumentation of module was skipped.
Tue Jul 29 18:01:31 2003 Exports instrumentation of module was skipped.
Tue Jul 29 18:01:31 2003 Static instrumentation done
Tue Jul 29 18:01:33 2003 Data collection started...

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Welcome aboard eyerusha!

Interesting problem you're seeing there for sure. Looks like your shell script is called run.csh, right?

Some things to thing about:

1) Try running a much simpler callgraph activity, say, on /bin/ls. Let's see if that works as both -app and -moi.

2) Can you create a test version of MY_APP that runs without the need for command line options? (I only mention this because I'm quite confident that it will work; therefore it's the FASTEST solution to your problem.)

INteresting to me that vtl thinks the file name is my_app, not MY_APP. Can you examine your shell script again and make sure your cases are all correct?


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Hi eyerusha,

Other users have been confused about how to specify command line arguments for an application. If you go back to previous posts, you will see the same question asked at least one time.

If you do vtl -help activity, you will see something like the following:

activity [] Create Activity with optional name .
[-d | -duration <#>] Use <#> as duration, in seconds, for Activity.
[-master ] Use as master collector for multi-collector
[-start-paused] Start Activity with data collection paused.
{-c | -collector [,]}
Add collector with optional name .
[-o | -options ]
Specify collector options in . Embed the
options within double quotes.
[-of | -options-from-file ]
Specify collector options from file .
[-app | -app-to-launch [,[,]]]
Specify an application to launch with path ,
optional command-line arguments , and
optional working directory .
[-moi | -module-of-interest ]
Specify a module of interest with path .

This indicates that the arguments should be specified after the path for the application, separated by a comma after the path. So, in your example, you would have:

vtl activity -c callgraph -app /home/eyerusha/TEST/MY_APP,"conf.txt -c=1,3" -moi MY_APP run

Hope this helps!

Aaron Levinson
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