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Webinar: Want to learn more about developing for 64-bit platforms?


Webinar: Want to learn more about developing for 64-bit platforms?

Intel and Programmer's Paradise are hosting a FREE webinar featuring Intel Software Engineers to help you learn more!

Webinar topic:

What are the Differences Between Intel Itanium Architecture and Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology?


Tuesday, November 16th at 1:00 p.m. PST

How to register:

Visit the Programmer's Paradise Registration Page

This session will give you the basics you need to target a ported application to either an established Intel Itanium processor-based platforms or to the new Intel EM64T-based platforms. This session will give you a key tip on how to spot likely porting issues.

Covered topics:

Mixing and matching Intel generated objects with those from GCC* or Microsoft*

Key differences between the Intel Compiler functionality for Itanium-based systems and Intel EM64T-based platforms

Targeting an application for code or address spaces larger than 2GB

Optimizations that can be gained by using Intel Compiler on Intel EM64T-based platforms

New SSE3 instructions available on Intel EM64T-based platforms

Key compiler optimization reports to help you understand applied optimizations

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