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Welcome to the VTune for Linux applications forum!

Welcome to the once again, newly remodeled VTune Performance Analyzer for Linux applications discussion forum!

You may be especially interested in this forum if you are a developer of Linux applications and are using (or considering using) any of the family of VTune Performance Analyzer products to improve the performance of your Linux applications.

Discussions of any Linux-related topic are invited, including (but not limited to) the following products: VTune Performance Analyzer 1.0 for Linux, the Linux Remote Agents (also called RDCs) that install with the VTune Performance Analyzer 6.1 and 7.0, and the newly released VTune Performance Analyzer Driver Kit (which is also called the VDK). No topics are off limits!

If you have questions about the Windows family of VTune analyzers, check out the VTune Performance Analyzer and Enterprise Analyzer for Windows forum.

Please note that Intel still recommends the Intel Premier Support website for submitting and tracking specific issues.

Have fun!

The Intel VTune analyzer team

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