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What does event "2nd-level Cache Read Misses" mean.

I am using Vtune2.0 for linux, the user guide gives 6 2nd level cache events. 3 of them are of my interest.

2nd-level Cache Read Misses
2nd-level Cache Read Refrences.
2nd-level Cache Load Misses Retired

In the user guide the description of "2nd-level Cache Read Misses", it shows the defination.

The number of 2nd-level cache read misses as seen by the bus queue for memory load misses and RFO misses.

What does "seen by the bus queue" mean?

I have a problem to solve here. I am trying to collect all the 2nd-level cache misses except all the misses caused by hardware prefetches. How can I do that? I think the "2nd-level Cache Load Misses Retired" include the misses caused by hardware prefetch, right? What about "2nd-level Cache Read Misses"?

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