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What does this message tell me about memory leaks?


I'm using Igspector XE to analyse my Fortran Program. I do have a memory leak and I want to find out where I do not deallocate memory.
When using Inspector, I get the following message:

ID Description Source Function Module Object Size State
X1 Synchronization object handle creation site FILENAME.f90:121 SUBROUTINE FILENAME.dll Not fixed

I can expand the code and there is a marked line. However, all there is in that line, is a write(*,*) command which has nothing to do with memory...
I guess that this line is important, because it is one of the last executed lines. If this is it, how can I figure out which variable I habe to deallocate?

I call some .dll Files with a c#-executable. I already included the directory with the .dll-files to the code-search directories.
What else can I do to get more precise information? What else can I do to analyse my program more efficiently?

Best regards,
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Inspector XE reports Memory Leak, that is not only for memory leak, but also is for resource leak (e.g. system's object in your case). The tool reports info about file name, line #, module name. If you expand the problem ID -code of allocation siteis provided and problematical line will be highlighted, which is for memory/resource allocation.

I suspect that your code didn't close/release "Synchronizationobject handle" - thatwas whyyou saw the problem report of memory leak.

Thanks, Peter
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