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What is Pack and where to Go (on Linux)?


I?d like to share with readers of this forum the powerful VTune feature ?Pack and Go?. I?ve made a post in forum ?VTune? Performance Analyzer on Windows? named ?What is Pack and where to Go?? see

Here are some tips for Linux users:

1.Currently (v1.0) there is no opportunity to pack a specific activity or activity results. The whole project with all collected results is packed. So the packed file may be huge. I suggest using a technique for maintaining small projects, described in my post ?Create new project with vtl? see

2.There is no ?unpack? command in version 1.0. Do you need it?

3.If you miss powerful GUI to analyze the collected results, VTune? Performance Analyzer on Windows has all of them. So the preferable way for you may be packing the collected results on Linux and viewing/analyzing them on Windows.

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Daniel suggested to use a technique for maintaining small projects in order to minimize the size of the pack file and the time it takes to create the pack file. Alternatively, Activities (and their corresponding Activity results) that are not needed may be first deleted before using vtl pack. The downside to this approach is that once deleted, Activities and their corresponding Activity results are gone.

Aaron Levinson