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33 Views looking for 32bit collector; should use 64 bit instead

My host system is 64 bit, my target system (xeon phi) is also 64 bit. When I run

export AMPLXE_TARGET_PRODUCT_DIR="/amplxe" [...]

It gives me back "/amplxe/bin32/amplxe-runss: No such file or directory" This is expected since in /amplxe/ there is only bin64 (and lib64, message).

What am I doing wrong that looks for 32 bit when it should be looking for 64 bit? Nb: I tried running from the bin64 folder manually instead of relying on the one set by "source /opt/intel/vtune_amplifier_xe/". It made no difference though.



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33 Views is an internal script which is invoked by amplxe-cl/amplxe-gui, you shouldn't use it directly. Why aren't you using amplxe-cl instead?