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bug while trying to associate source file

Situation: driver optimization; only binary and symbol files associated; activity ran.

Steps: double click in the function, VTune asks for the location of the source file. User selects 'skip'.
Assembly code is shown.

Afterwords, VTune never asks again for the location of the source file when double-clicking the same function.
Therefore, I try to manually specify the location of the file by updating the 'options' or 'Associations' in the configuration of the activity both at the 'Global' and the project levels. BUG: VTune ignores this association (and does not update the associations grid).

CONSEQUENCE: after skipping the association the first time, re-associating source files fails therefore assembly-only view persists forever in the activity.
Additionally, we're using DebugView, which throws the following messages. They might be helpful:
[784] VTFileSvr64: CoCreateInstance failed.64-bit support will be disabled
[784] Connect PerformanceGuru to AddVTInfo
TBS: ERROR: precise EBS ints with invalid index 0
(I'm using a Pentium-4, 64-bit support should be enabled!).
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