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changing menu formats


When I run an analysis using VTUNE AMPLIFIER, the help window pane is left open after the finialization is completed. However, the pane has a black background with dark blue letters on it. It is almost impossible to see; it really looks like just a black open window.

How do I change this to a format whereI can at least read the letters. It is almost impossible now.

The drop down menu when I hover the mouse cursor over the wrench is the same way. What canI do to change this to something that is readable? Right now it just looks like a paneled window that has black sections in it. It is hard to read what is on it. At first I thought there was nothing written on the panels, until I looked at them very closely.

Again, how do I get these two open windows to do some thing like black on white lettering?

I am using Intel VTUNE Linux Ubuntu 11.04.

Any help appreciated. Thanks inadvance.

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Is the Intel VTune Amplifier XE color scheme set to colorblind instead of default? If it is set to Colorblind set it to default.

If this is not the issue, then has the behavior always occurred or recently occurred? If this is recent, any changes in your operating system, configuration related to personalization on your desktop environment? Do other applications show odd screen coloring?

- Rob

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