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filters in thread checker


It seems the filter in thread checker is set using the lowest level routine in the stack trace. Is there a way to filter based on a particular routine being found in the traceback?

Why? well we have internal routines to get locks and release locks and have added the __itt calls to TC to let it know about our calls. WE have some out of order references and would like to filter them until they are fixed so that we can see other out of order errors, the problem is, the lowest level routines are our get and release lock routines so if we filter that routine, it removes all stack traces that have that as the leaf node, well, which is all of them. Further our code is under development so line numbers change so if we come up with a valid filter for a section of code, and the code changes, I think the filter will be ignored, since it would no longer match.

Does anyone have any information on filters besides the minuscule amount that is in the help files?



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