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group roofline analysis by loop


Dear Intel support team,

I have a function with several loops to analyze in the roofline chart.

The analyzed module is generated with the Julia language, which does insert several primitives (like + and *) as inlined functions into the loop body (see attached images).

Unfortunately this inlining scatters each single statement as a separate dot over the roofline chart.

Is there a way to group or ignore these inlined functions and have a single line for one loop?


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Hello Christian!

You can try collect Roofline "with CallStacks" checkbox enabled. Please note this collection could have overhead. In this case you should able to group call tree in one dot. 

Hope this helps,



Hello Ekaterina,

Thank you for your response.

I have enabled the checkbox, but could you please elaborate a little bit how the "grouping" is supposed to be set up in the user interface?

E.g. when I select a loop in the "survey" and switch to the "Code Analytics" Tab, then I see a preview of the roofline down below (see attached image), but still in the bigger "Roofline" chart (from above) there are the same scattered points (see attached image). [EDIT: I see a big plus where the currently selected loop's "working point" is supposed to be, so that's fine. The question is more whether it is possible to group all dots in the big roofline chart?]

Furthermore, I get an error which might be unrelated to this issue

advixe: Error: Cannot load data file `/home/christianl/prj/vildanMAjulia/leapfrog8/e000/hs003/data.1/tripcounts_1248486_0.tcs' (Data file is corrupted).

kind regards,

PS: the complete error log is

/opt/intel/advisor_2020.1.0.605410/bin64/advixe-cl -collect tripcounts -flop -stacks -project-dir /home/christianl/prj/vildanMAjulia/leapfrog8 -- /sbin/julia runtests.jl
Intel(R) Advisor Command Line Tool
Copyright (C) 2009-2020 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
advixe: Opening result 25 % done                                               
advixe: Preparing frequently used data 16 % done                               
advixe: Preparing frequently used data 100 % done                              
advixe: Collection started. To stop the collection, either press CTRL-C or enter from another console window: advixe-cl -r /home/christianl/prj/vildanMAjulia/leapfrog8/e000/trc001 -command stop.
Nt = 500 (100 × 57 × 175)
variant: mex             , elapsed time: 16.07s
advixe: Opening result 47 % Loading 'tripcounts_1248486_1.tcs' file            
advixe: Error: Cannot load data file `/home/christianl/prj/vildanMAjulia/leapfrog8/e000/hs003/data.1/tripcounts_1248486_0.tcs' (Data file is corrupted).
advixe: Opening result 75 % done                                               
advixe: Opening result 100 % done                                              

Elapsed Time: 20,85s
Total CPU time: 19.13
Time in 14 vectorized loops: 15.1198
GFLOPS: 0,86



Roofline with stacks provides total data functionality under different call chains. As a result you can collapse all inner calls to one dot on the chart. To get more details about Roofline with stacks you can read this article   

Could you please expand toolbar item "Default: FLOAT" and select "With stacks", "Apply". If your collection was successful, you should see Roofline with stacks. 


Ah, that did the trick!

Also thank you for referring to the blog post.

kind regards,