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how to specify the search directory path of the source, binary and source file of the analyzed code in Vtune

In this article it was explained how to specify the symbol file path in vtune GUI, I would like to ask how to do that in the command line.
How to tell vtune about the path of my symbol file, source or binary file in the command line ???
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The command line interface for VTune Amplifier XE is a program called amplxe-cl. If you execute "amplxe-cl -help collect" you will geta volume of information among which is the following:

-search-dir= ]>=.
is the name of the search directory
for binaries (bin), sources (src), symbols (sym),
or all these file types (all). Use ':r' to
perform a recursive search of all subdirectories.
Use ':p' to indicate highest priority search
directories (directories that should be searched
prior to others, including environment paths and
absolute paths). You can use these options
together as ':rp'.

This is the way you specify symbol file paths on the command line. All the features available in the GUI are also available via this interface.
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