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installing update 9 trashes path

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Installation of VTune update 9 'slightly' trashed the path in VS.
My prior update of Parallel Studio XE did the same thing (could have been the VTune component)

The Parallel Studio XE update symptom was that some of the .DLLs that my app uses could not be located in Debug run nor other build configurations.

The VTune update resulted in the same thing.

In inspecting environment variables via Control Pannel | System... the required path is present.

However, in using the VS Property manager to observe the path, the path is truncated.

I am not sure as to if this is a VS issue or a VTune/PS XE installation issue where the project property for PATH has a buffer size problem. In my case PATH= contains ~3755 charactes.

Please check your code to see if it uses a fixed size buffer for manipulating PATH in the Project Property within Visual Studio during installation.

Jim Dempsey
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I met this problem before, the reason is limited length of PATH; Ithink that this is not the issuefrominstalling the Parallel Studio XE. I forget how to fix this issue, knowledge from Microsoft...

Aquick workaround is - open a cmd, or Command PromptfromParallel Studio XE,
set PATH= truncated_path;%PATH%

Then,variable of PATH in cmd will beinheritedinVS IDEfor all projects.

Regards, Peter

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>>set PATH= truncated_path;%PATH%

I haven't but it likely will not work. 'caus....

When you start VS, it's PATH starts with the the SYSTEM variable PATH
... However, VS now has each Project containing a property sheet containing PATH (and environment variables). Presumably (my guess) is when you creat a project, VS imports the global environment variables, including PATH, friom the system/user environment. From thereon, the user, OR some installation update (VTune, Parallel Studio) updates the project property sheet environment variables, and in this case VTune update and Parallel Studio update is truncating the extra long environment variables.

The "set PATH= truncated_path;%PATH%" would produce the incorrect results. You would end up with something like

PATH=Mares eat oats, does eat oats but li;Mares eat oats, does eat oats but little lambs eat ivy.

Please look at your installer, the VS integration part, that manipulates the environment variables. I am guessing that somewhere in there you have a fixed size buffer, perhaps containing MAXPATH, which by the way is the maximum path length for each token in PATH (IOW not the maximum number of characters in the environment variable PATH). It doesn't take too many tokens such as:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\Shared Libraries\redist\intel64\compiler;

to fill up a fixed length buffer.

Jim Dempsey
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This is a real problem created by the Intel Windows compiler installers, but I have become used to it. Sometimes, an installation fails in the first attempt and one fixes the problem and repeats the installation, successfully the second time, and now %PATH% has two sets of identical substrings pointing to the compiler and VS directories. Similarly for %LIB% and %INCLUDE%.

Other vendors' installers ask for the user's permission before changing %PATH% and other environmental variables.