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no valid event groups for tuning assistance

When running VTune 7.2 on my Pentium-M notebook to analyze Windows apps, the Sampling Configuration Wizard shows the following selections in the Event Groups(s) to collect for Tuning Assistance text box:
  • Basic Performance Tuning Events
  • Events for Tuning Assistant Advice

In fact, at least one of these is automatically selected. I find these event groupsvery useful and I use them all thetime.

But when I connectthru RDC on a Pentium 4 box running Linux, these selections are not available and appears instead. Why aren't there predefined event groups listedin this case?

I've also seen VTune 7.2 running on a different computer, this time a Pentium 4 to analyze Windows XP applications (not Java, .NET nor WinCE), and it too does not show any predefined event groups in this text box.

Is this behavior as intended?



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Hi Tom:

I just checked this on my systems and everything worked fine, which is to say I saw three groups:

  • Events identifying coding pitfalls
  • Primary performance tuning events
  • Secondary performance tuning events

Therefore, I suspect that your RDC is not working correctly. First thing is to ensure that the sampling driver is functioning correctly. This would require unloading the driver, rebuilding the driver (via the VDK), and loading the new driver. See the documentation in the /opt/intel/vtune/vdk/src/doc directory, and the rmmod-vtune, insmod-vtune, and build-driver scripts in /opt/intel/vtune/vdk/src.

If that doesn't help, (I hate to say this :smileysad:), you should try rebooting the Linux* system.


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