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purchasing Intel Vtune



I am using Intel Vtune and i want to convince my employer to buy it for our profiling activities. However i am confused about something.

I wish to use Vtune Amplifier XE for profiling my local and remote processes. My local process is a windows exe with some dlls that it uses and the remote clients are running on linux.

In this scenario which version of Vtune i must quote to be bought by my employer. Is it the windows version of the software or the linux version or both?

Also what is the difference between the stand alone Vtune versus a version that can also profile remote targets? Is the version of Vtune that can do local and remote profiling at the same time called the Intel parallel studio XE? How many remote clients (running linux) can be profiled at once by the Vtune/Parallel studio if the remote clients are independent processes which are intialized by PBSpro on the cluster where they run on individual nodes?


Kindly advise.




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