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"unhandled exception" inside Inspector 2018 Update 3 (Windows)

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When testing our code for data races etc, it is failing inside Inspector 2018 Update 3 with the error below. No other errors are reported.

The code runs fine outside of Inspector.

In the sourcethe statement at which the exception occurs is a "omp parallel for" construct.

ID        Type    Sources    Modules    State
P1        Unhandled application exception    kmp_itt.inl    libiomp5md.dll    New

Description    Source    Function    Module    Variable
Exception    kmp_itt.inl:332    __kmp_join_barrier    libiomp5md.dll    
    >libiomp5md.dll!__kmp_join_barrier - kmp_itt.inl:332


I am at a loss as to how to proceed as it is not clear if this is Inspector issue or an issue in our code.




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