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remote profiling with windows embedded running on target




I am trying to profile an application which runs in the following fashion:-


Local GUI (running on windows 7) (C# code)-> (WinserviceForm )

(Server) Remote Windows Server (C# code) -> (Server.exe)

(Multiple Processes) Remote Blades running windows embedded (C++code) (helper.exe(s))


I wish to profile such an application to get profiling data of all the processes (including the multiple processes on the remote blades). I am confused what should i mention as the remote platform in the vtune interface in this case.

Please also note that i can run my entire application (GUI, server, blades) locally as well and in that case i get the profiling information on individual processes of my application (GUI, server and the blades). However, it is extremely slow and i wish to use it on the actual configuration that i mentioned above. Kindly suggest how i might be able to do so using Vtune.





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Hello Rohit,

Thanks for your interest in VTune.

Unfortunately there is no support for automated remote profiling of Windows targets. VTune Amplifier XE supports remote profiling only on Linux, and VTune for Systems supports Linux and Android remote targets. Windows OS is supported only with local profiling.

If you have support account - you can submit a respective feature request via Intel Premier Support and VTune team will prioritize it.

If your remote Windows platform belongs to the OS support list from VTune release notes - you can install full-fledged VTune there and run profiling locally. 


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