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vmlinuxxxx not found


I want to see the sample details in the kernel,but it said "/boot/vmlinux-xxx-smp" not found
it only shows the dunc address and de detail.the problem is I am not allowed tocompile the debug kernel on the machine. so can I find the correspond funcin the system map?and vtune can do this for me?

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You don't need to run the debug kernel, but you need to have the uncompressed kernel and the symbols. So, if you can locate the debug version of the same kernel you are running (search the web, it is out there), then when the VTune analyzer prompts for the location of the kernel file, point to the one you download. If it matches the one you are running, the displayed results will be correct. If you get the wrong kernel file, the analyzer will not validate this and will simply show you how the data satacks up against that binary/symbol combination.

Also, with support the for new gnulink and separate DBG files, you can also just download the DBG file for the kernel you are running. You will still need an uncompressed version of the running kernel file, however.