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vtl (incorrectly) not finding enough space

I am running on an IA64 altix system with 4 CPUs, 7.5 GB RAM, and 22GB of diskspace available on an xfs-based disk. When I try to run vtl I get:

The global data directory "/opt/intel/vtune/global_data"
must have at least 1000 1024 byte blocks of free space.
Please provide more space or set the environment variable
VTUNE_GLOBAL_DIR to point to a location with sufficient free space.
You can run the command "df -k" to check file system free space.

/opt/intel/vtune/global_data is on the disk that has 22GB available, so I think I should have enough space to run the program.

Is there anyway to override this check and just force vtl to run?

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/opt normally is created in the / partition. That normally isn't big enough for a a default Vtune installation. Vtune installer doesn't hunt for large enough partitions, but the minimum requirement is way low in practice.
I don't know about Altix, but a common work-around is to mv /opt to /usr and replace with a symlink, so that it still appears as /opt.
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When you run "vtl", it checks for space on the global data directory. The way it does this is with a shell script and parsing the output of a "df -k".

My Altix has a df -k that looks like this....

pkerney@pkaltix: 58 % df -k /opt/intel/vtune/global_data

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on


9568000 7601920 1966080 80% /

pkerney@pkaltix: 59 %

The /dev entry makes it go over a line which breaks the parsing.

Edit file file /opt/intel/vtune/bin/clscripts.common and in the routine "check_minimum_space" add another "getline" to make 3, and change the $2 to $1 just below it.

You should now be operational !!!!!

Now a cheat sheet for running it just to help your learning curve.

Compile your program with an added "-g". Note the "-g" does not disable optimisations, it simply adds symbol information to the executable. ie. "-O3 -g" is a valid set of flags. You are VTuning an optimised binary !!!

Run the app just to make sure it works. (My app was pom3d)Then :-

vtl activity -c sampling -app pom3d run # sampling finds the hotspots

vtl show # find out the results to use

vtl view a1::r1 -processes > aaa.txt # output to a file to make it easier to read

vtl view a1::r1 -modules > aaa.txt

vtl view a1::r1 -hf -mn pom3d > aaa.txt

vtl view a1::r1 -code -fn MAIN__ -mn pom3d > aaa.txt

vtl view a1::r1 -gui # use the little icons in the top left to switch views

vtl activity -c callgraph -app pom3d -moi pom3d run # callgraph show the function paths

vtl view a2::r1 -gui

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Good discussion, guys. Please note that this "available space" bug was corrected in the released version of this beta software. The released version will be available in mid DEC, in just about a week (the current plan is on or around DEC 10.) FYI only.
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