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No files cached by aoc (Intel FPGA OpenCL compiler) even with AOCL_TMP_DIR set


I'm trying to shorten the compilation process by setting the AOCL_TMP_DIR to a folder in my home directory which I have write access too. But even after running OpenCL compilations multiple times with and without the -fast-compile flag, the folder still remains empty and the compilation takes as long as ever. (Reference Section 7.22 in the Programming Guide here

The compilation does print out this but nothing in it still.


AOCL_TMP_DIR directory was specified at <dir>.
Ensure Linux and Windows compiles do not share the same directory as files may be incompatible.
aoc: Cached files in <dir> may be used to reduce compilation time



I'm using the Arria 10 PAC devstack with Quartus 19.2 same as the DevCloud Arria 10 1.2.1 nodes.

It says here: that is was corrected in 19.1 but looks like it isn't.

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can you try not to define the $AOCL_TMP_DIR to your home directory, and let the tool to create by default.

I have tried that since that's the default. But that doesn't work too on my local machine.

Plus I need this for a shared cluster and need to redefine where the cache will be store so I do need the ability to change the default.