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PAC Arria 10 GX, aoc compilation error

New Contributor I

Hi, all

I installed acceleration stack, followed guide to install bsp and setup environment variables.

"aocl diagnose" detects device well, and pre-compiled aocx examples run well.


But when I try to compile some OpenCL kernel examples, it prints the following error:

[heehoon@localhost vector_add]$ aoc device/ -o bin/vector_add.aocx --board pac_a10 Warning: Command has been deprecated. Please use -board=<value> instead of --board <value> aoc: Running OpenCL parser.... /home/heehoon/exm_opencl_vector_add_x64_linux/vector_add/device/ warning: declaring kernel argument with no 'restrict' may lead to low kernel performance __kernel void vector_add(__global const float *x, ^ /home/heehoon/exm_opencl_vector_add_x64_linux/vector_add/device/ warning: declaring kernel argument with no 'restrict' may lead to low kernel performance __global const float *y, ^ 2 warnings generated. aoc: Optimizing and doing static analysis of code... Compiling for FPGA. This process may take a long time, please be patient. Error (16045): Instance "ccip_std_afu|bsp_logic_inst|board_inst" instantiates undefined entity "board" File: /home/heehoon/exm_opencl_vector_add_x64_linux/vector_add/bin/vector_add/build/ Line: 238 Error (16185): Can't elaborate user hierarchy "ccip_std_afu|bsp_logic_inst|board_inst" File: /home/heehoon/exm_opencl_vector_add_x64_linux/vector_add/bin/vector_add/build/ Line: 238 Error (16185): Can't elaborate user hierarchy "ccip_std_afu|bsp_logic_inst" File: /home/heehoon/exm_opencl_vector_add_x64_linux/vector_add/bin/vector_add/build/BBB_cci_mpf/hw/rtl/cci-mpf-if/cci_mpf_if.vh Line: 38 Error (16185): Can't elaborate user hierarchy "ccip_std_afu" File: /home/heehoon/exm_opencl_vector_add_x64_linux/vector_add/bin/vector_add/build/platform/ Line: 183 Error (16186): Can't elaborate top-level user hierarchy Error: Flow failed: Error: Quartus Prime Synthesis was unsuccessful. 6 errors, 129 warnings Error (23031): Evaluation of Tcl script a10_partial_reconfig/flow.tcl unsuccessful Error: Quartus Prime Shell was unsuccessful. 12 errors, 129 warnings Error: Compiler Error, not able to generate hardware

Do somebody know why this error happens?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello ,


Please find the below guidelines to compile your kernel which can be helpful for you :-


There is problem with hierarchy, check your design to make sure every sub-module is instantiated correctly.




New Contributor I



But what I compiled is just OpenCL kernel:

__kernel void vector_add(__global const float *x, __global const float *y, __global float *restrict z) { // get index of the work item int index = get_global_id(0);   // add the vector elements z[index] = x[index] + y[index]; }

So there is no RTL design

Valued Contributor II

Your problem is likely due to a version mismatch between your BSP and the OpenCL compiler you are using, rather than the OpenCL kernel itself. Can you post the version of BSP, quartus and aoc you are using and also attach the quartus_sh_compile.log file generated during your failed compilation?

New Contributor I

I found the problem. I need to set env variable ALTERAOCLSDKROOT.


since and do not set it, you should do it by yourself.