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Building on our Legacy of Sustainability

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Our sustainability journey began over two decades ago and our commitment to sustainability over the years has become part of the company’s DNA. In 1994, Intel formally began publishing environmental performance data, but we are by no means leaning on our legacy. We not only candidly continue to share our goals, challenges, and progress in our annual CSR report, we continue to explore new ways to reduce our footprint and increase our handprint. We strive to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and conserve resources. Our multifaceted sustainability strategy has three main objectives:

Conserve resources in our operations. To minimize the environmental impact of our global manufacturing operations, we establish company-wide environmental targets, invest in conservation projects and green power purchases, and set expectations for suppliers.
Collaborate to find and promote ways to integrate smart and green technology solutions, working together toward a more sustainable future.
Create technology solutions to help others improve resource management.

These objectives guide our sustainability efforts.

So what have we accomplished lately?

    • Globally, Intel has installed more than 60 on-site projects utilizing solar, wind, fuel cell, and other alternative energy sources. Most recently, we completed large solar installations at our Arizona and California.

    • Intel has invested more than $175 million in energy conservation projects at our facilities worldwide since 2008, saving more than 3.9 billion kWh of energy through the end of 2016.

    • Over 4.5 million square feet of space in 45 buildings, or approximately 25% of our total operational space, is certified to the LEED green building criteria. This is an increase of 126% from 2012.

    • We have dedicated over $234 million to water conservation projects at our global facilities since 1998. To date, these have saved over 57 billion gallons of water, enough to sustain 520,000 U.S. homes for one year.

    • Since 2008, we have been the largest voluntary corporate purchaser of green power in the U.S., according to the U.S. EPA. A combination of renewable energy certificates (RECs) and on-site alternative energy projects earned us this distinction. In 2016, we purchased 4.3 billion kWh of renewable energy, bringing our total purchases since 2008 to more than 24 billion kWh of green power for the US and EU.

    • In collaboration with GE, we published a white paper Digital Efficiency which features how IoT technologies can help manage buildings, industrial operations, and transportation networks to optimize production, minimize operating costs and improve resource management.

Additional details about these highlights and more can be found in the full CSR report or visit Explore Intel for site specific environmental performance data.

Although we are proud of our achievements, we know the journey continues. In the coming years, we will continue to pursue improved resource management through conservation, renewable energy efforts, efficient building design, and innovation. All with the same passion, determination, and drive we bring to every other aspect of our business.


Smart and green building in Bangalore, India



Micro-wind turbines topping Intel's headquarters building in Santa Clara, California



Newest solar installation in Chandler, Arizona



Solar covered parking in Folsom, California