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Down in Texas: Good for the Grid, Good for the Earth!

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The Pecan Street Project in Austin, Texas is about much more than just creating a smarter electricity grid. Intel has been working with the Pecan Street Inc. consortium since late 2008 and just produced a short video on how the work has evolved. 

Now that we have quality data from instrumented homes with rooftop solar and electric vehicles, we’re able to create compelling visualizations and insights that help both homeowners and utilities. It’s much more about big data than it is smart meters. One of my favorite examples of something we’ve learned is that homes with west-facing solar panels are generating more electricity than south-facing panels. This is very useful information for new home construction, and even for homeowner associations as they provide guidance to their communities.

Please check out the video and let me know what you think! What research questions would you like to see included in the program? How do you see this benefitting communities at large?