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Intel Israel Publishes its Localized Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2019-2020

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דוח-אחריות-תאגידית-296x300.pngIntel Israel recently published its localized Corporate Responsibility Report for 2019-2020. This edition recaps a decade of unprecedented accomplishments that we are extremely proud of, and it presents Intel’s 2030 goals, in which we strive to push ourselves to even greater achievements.

Among the localized report highlights:

  • Intel Israel exports reached $6.6 billion in 2019, an increase of $2.7 billion, or more than 40%, compared to the previous year. Intel's exports make up 1.6% of Israel's GDP and 12.5% of the tech industry's overall exports. Intel Israel’s workforce grew by almost 1,000 employees to 13,750, making Intel the largest private employer in Israel.

  • In the report we announced a series of commitments at the country level in support of our global 2030 goals. One example is increasing procurement from diverse suppliers. Currently we annually spend NIS 250 million (approximately $72.6 million) on buying goods and services from diverse suppliers in Israel and we plan to more than double this amount to NIS 700 million ($203 million) by 2030. This month we started a new training program to help around 500 small and medium businesses that focus on diversity deal with the COVID-19 economic crisis by acquiring new technological capabilities and tools.

  • Intel Israel also intends to increase the rate of women in tech positions at the company to 40%. Currently, women account for 25% of Intel Israel's employees. In addition, the company has undertaken to buy 100% of the power it purchases from renewable sources. At present, 50% of the electricity consumed by Intel Israel is generated via green technologies.

BELLA-ABRAHAMS-300x173.pngThe CSR report is a primary tool for our stakeholders’ engagement. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we launched the report as part of the Globes (a high-circulation economic daily) online CSR conference, which focused on the "Importance of Corporate Responsibility and its significance during crises”. At the event, Bella Abrahams, Director of Corporate Affairs at Intel Israel, talked about Intel’s 2030 goals and said: “We are very proud to be among very few multinational companies in Israel that publishes a local CSR report, and we’ve been doing it for 14 consecutive years! Our localized CSR report focuses on Intel Israel’s achievements and goals, aligned with Intel’s global 2030 RISE strategy and goals. The localization work on the report is the result of a productive collaboration between our various organizations, which beautifully demonstrates the ONE Intel spirit.”

מדדמעלה20-300x270.pngPlatinum Plus – on the MAALA CSR Index 2020, Our localized CSR strategy as reflected in the report, is one of the reasons that Intel Israel received the highest rating – Platinum Plus – on the prestigious MAALA CSR Index 2020, announced during a recent virtual event held in conjunction with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The MAALA CSR Index is the leading assessment tool benchmarking Israeli companies on their corporate responsibility performance.

מעלה-2020-300x225.jpgAs part of our cooperation with MAALA, we co-hosted a webinar in which four Intel Israel managers described how they integrate the 2030 goals into their daily work.

From a personal perspective, the end of the decade found me thinking that for these past ten years, I have produced Intel Israel’s local CSR report from a deep belief that localized reporting was the responsible thing to do. With this huge value in mind, I’ve recently published a comprehensive guide to preparing and publishing a local CSR report, which shares my top 10 tips that can be used by my colleagues across Intel’s other global sites as they prepare their own local reports.

As in previous years, I am very proud of how our newest localized CSR report provides relevant content for our local stakeholders and a source of pride to our employees.