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Intel Technology Solving Global Challenges

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Intel® technology and investments empower individuals, companies, and governments to improve lives around the world. We are at the forefront of new technologies—such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous things, and 5G wireless broadband—that are increasingly being used to solve major societal challenges. Here are some of our favorites:

Story-6-watching-ploar-bears-square-150x150.jpgTracking Arctic Polar Bears > 
In a unique pilot program, autonomous technology enables drones to track declining polar bear populations in the Arctic in a less invasive way.


Story-3-firefighter-copy-square-150x150.pngDrones Fighting Wildfires >
Drones are becoming essential tools for Silicon Valley firefighters.



Story-2-VR-for-doctor-square-150x150.pngDoctors and Patients Using VR >
Immersive virtual reality simulations help brain surgeons prepare for complex operations and explain treatment procedures to their patients.



Story-4-unconnected-square-150x150.jpg5G Connecting the Unconnected >
5G connectivity will open a world of opportunity to people in rural towns and villages that currently lack Internet access.




Improving Diagnosis with AI >
Artificial intelligence enables doctors to more accurately distinguish diseases with similar symptoms.



Story-1-underwater-square-150x150.jpgMonitoring Systems for Tracking Endangered Species >
An underwater camera equipped with artificial intelligence helps to monitor endangered species.