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Intel® technology and investments empower individuals, companies, and governments to improve lives around the world. We are at the forefront of new technologies that are being used to solve major societal challenges. Learn how:


Optimizing Energy Use >power-grid-16x9.jpg.rendition.intel_.web_.1920.1080-300x169.jpg

Intel and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are using Internet of Things devices, analytics, voice services, and security technologies to enable power and utility companies to radically change their business. The goal is to optimize demand/response across grids and better manage loads during peak times.


Saving Lives >brand-1422-wmn-lab-tech-microscope-6862.tif_.renditions.cq5dam.web_.1280.1280-300x200.jpg

Intel and healthcare start-up HY are partnering in China to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) system to help doctors devise more effective, individualized treatment plans for patients with breast cancer. Using big data and machine learning technologies, the system reduces the cost and increases the efficiency of reading medical images while delivering high-accuracy results.


Making Cities Smarter >Smart-City-CO2-Detector-300x162.jpg

An Internet of Things city management solution from GE uses Intel Atom® processors and Intel® sensors and security software in intelligent nodes installed on streetlight poles. The system collects temperature, pressure, noise, lighting, and other data that enables city managers to improve public safety, reduce energy consumption, improve traffic flow, cut costs, and more.


Maximizing Mobility >Wheelie-7-3-e1558025990481-225x300.jpg

Intel® AI technology is helping people with spinal cord injuries and other mobility-limiting conditions gain independence through smiles, kisses, and raised eyebrows. Using Intel® RealSense™ camera sensors, an Intel AI technology-equipped wheelchair captures a 3-D map of a user's face and then applies deep learning to turn facial expressions into real-time wheelchair movements.


Preserving a Cultural Legacy >great-wall-text-marquee-16x9.jpg.rendition.intel_.web_.1920.1080-300x169.jpg

Parts of the Great Wall of China, the world's largest man-made structure, are failing after hundreds of years of erosion and exposure to the elements. Intel and the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation have embarked on an innovative approach to wall restoration using drones, AI, and other technologies to detect structural flaws and design repairs.


Intel-anti-poaching-2c-300x169.jpgFighting Illegal Poaching >

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and National Geographic Society have funded an anti-poaching system using Intel-powered AI technology to protect elephants, rhinos, gorillas, tigers, lions, wildebeest, and other large mammals in wildlife preserves across Africa. The system’s cameras recognize humans and vehicles among motion-activated images, and then send real-time alerts so that park rangers can respond before poachers do harm.


autonomous-driving-roads-2x1-300x150.jpgBuilding Safer Autonomous Vehicles >

Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS), a model for safe autonomous vehicles defined by Intel’s Mobileye subsidiary, is being embraced by manufacturers around the world. The technology is being used as the foundation for research and testing of automated vehicle safety, and RSS-equipped test vehicles are on the road in challenging traffic conditions in cities like Jerusalem, Israel.
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