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More than 40 Arizona teachers to receive funding for STEAM projects

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Elizabeth Shipley is Public Affairs Director for Arizona and Latin America, directing Intel’s government affairs, community engagement and media relations. Ms. Shipley serves on the boards of Expect More Arizona and the East Valley Partnership. Before joining Intel, she was Executive Director, Communications and Board Services at Albuquerque Public Schools.

Drumroll, please! Intel Arizona 40 for 40 STEAM teacher grant recipients announced

A lot has changed since we first announced our 40 for 40 STEAM teacher grants call for nominations in January. One thing that hasn’t changed is the incredible work that our state’s teachers do (albeit, now virtually) to educate and inspire Arizona students.

Today, we’re excited to share that 44 public school teachers from across the state will receive Intel Foundation funding to support their STEAM projects and initiatives. Here are a few of the people and projects this funding will support:

Intel-AZ-40-for-40-recipients-map-278x300.jpg More than 40 teachers from across Arizona will receive funding to support their STEAM projects and initiatives

  • Felix and Mrs. Simon at Mary A. Otondo Elementary school in Yuma will be teaching their fourth and fifth grade students about computer science through a hands-on project focused on paper circuits.

  • Students at Mission Manor Elementary in Tucson will be purchasing a ceramic kiln and supplies, making connections to Native American artists, science, and engineering through art with the leadership of their art teacher, Olga Carr.

  • Using the Intel grant, students of teacher Annette Fields at Alhambra High School in Phoenix will build and maintain an on-campus organic garden to increase the community’s access to fresh produce, learning about the sustainable environment.

  • At Glendale High School in Glendale, physics teacher Matthew Schmitt will use the funding for lab equipment that will enable his students to closely study rotational inertia and torque.

The full list of grant recipients and projects is posted on the Arizona Educational Foundation website, and funding will be distributed in early July.

“The Arizona Educational Foundation is proud to work with Intel and the Intel Foundation on providing these needed STEAM grants to teachers,” shared Kim Graham, Executive Director of the Arizona Educational Foundation. “The overwhelming number of applications received is a testament to the wonderful work that teachers throughout Arizona are doing to provide vital STEAM experiences to their students - often with little to no resources.”

Congratulations to these grant recipients, and a huge thank you to all Arizona teachers, who are inspiring the next generation of innovators and leaders.

Learn more about Intel in Arizona at www.intel.com/Arizona
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