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Our Commitment to Restore 100% of our Water Use

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It goes without saying that water is a critical natural resource. It’s also an essential element of our semiconductor manufacturing process. As such, we have focused on sustainable water management for close to two decades, and just last year, we conserved 4.6 billion gallons of water – enough to fill almost 7000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Since 1998, Intel has invested more than $234 million in water conservation programs at its global facilities. To date, these efforts have saved more than 57 billion gallons of water – enough for roughly 520,000 U.S. homes for an entire year.

Today, we return approximately 80% of the water we use to our local communities and watersheds through ongoing partnerships with municipalities and innovative reuse strategies. But to go further and broaden our impact, we’ve realized that we need to think beyond our own four walls. For the last two years, we have been working to understand how we can do more.

That’s why Intel is committing to restore 100% of our global water use by 2025.

We’ll achieve this ambitious goal by funding collaborative projects to support local watersheds and restore water in quantities equivalent to the water we consume. With support and guidance from organizations like the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, we are engaging local community groups, and nonprofit and conservation organizations to identify and participate in projects that benefit local watersheds. These projects, whether agriculture-centered, conservation-focused, or IoT-based, aim to address global water scarcity and directly support the well-being of our communities, economy, and the environment.

While we will remain focused on managing our water use efficiently, we know that broadening our focus beyond our own operations will help us have a greater sustainable impact on the environment. My hope is that others in the technology industry will join us on this journey. I believe that we all have a responsibility to address the global water challenges that confront us. Follow our progress at: intel.com/environment.




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About the Author
Todd Brady is the Director of Global Public Affairs and Sustainability for Intel Corporation. In this role he leads state and local government affairs, media and community relations, corporate volunteerism and sustainability at the company's major manufacturing and office locations around the globe. In addition to overseeing regulatory and community engagement strategies in the US, China, Southeast Asia, Israel, Ireland and Latin America, he directs Intel’s global initiatives to make Intel “smart & green” by leading corporate-wide sustainability programs such as climate, energy and water conservation, green design and the integration of internet of things (IoT) solutions to create smart and green offices, buildings and facilities of the future. During his 20+ years at Intel, Todd has represented the company publicly in numerous forums and led industry-wide initiatives in many national and international committees. He has authored more than 20 papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings on a variety of sustainability topics. In 2009, he was named by Scientific American as one of ten outstanding leaders involved in research, business or policy pursuits that have advanced science and technology. Todd holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University and a MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.