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AI and the Workforce: Day 4 of the All.ai Summit

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AI-workforce.pngBy Anantha Shanmugam, Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy, Intel India

Following Wednesday’s deep dive into smart mobility and AI-based data analytics, Intel India’s All.ai Summit turned its attention to the labor market and how smart policy can create efficiencies in the workforce — both in India and around the world. Currently, two-thirds of India’s workforce fuels agriculture and rural industries, and this presents a huge opportunity for technological advances to reinvigorate entire sectors of the market and to greatly increase productivity at population scale.

To illustrate the enormous potential of AI to shape the future of the workforce, the Indian School of Business (ISB), with the support of Intel India, released a report entitled “The Impact of AI on the Indian Labour Market.” In this report, investigators from ISB detail how AI represents one of the single most significant leaps forward in the history of technology — but is every industry ready? The report includes a Suitability for Machine Learning (SML) matrix that assesses the readiness of India’s industrial sectors for AI-powered applications, such as natural language processing and predictive analytics. A new India AI Index was also released during the event by ISB which can be accessed at https://www.ai-index.in/en.html.

Thursday’s sessions also highlight the need for technological innovation to be paired with smart policy efforts that enable businesses, institutions and government agencies to transition into the digital world. Policy has the potential to both protect individual privacy and foster development of new AI solutions — or, when not pursued carefully, to stymy innovation entirely. Moving forward, we hope that the governments of India and other nations will work together with businesses and academics to ensure that everyone will benefit from the applied research in AI being conducted today.

Stay tuned for an update from the AI for Youth Virtual Symposium tomorrow.