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Cyber 3 Conference in Okinawa

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In early November, the Japanese government hosted "Cyber 3 Conference" getting support from the World Economic Forum. Cyber 3 focused on the combination of cyber connection (IoT), cybersecurity, and cybercrime. The conference was unique because it analyzed both the future opportunities and risks in the cyberspace. The conference was designed to make the sessions as interactive as possible. Various challenges and future possibilities were shared and discussed in the three parallel sessions. One of the background themes of the conference was the future society in 2020. Japan will host the 2020 summer Olympic games in Tokyo. Many of the discussions were linked with how to build a better society with ICT by 2020 and beyond. The conference enabled dialogue among many different stakeholders, especially a broad range of companies from the private sector. Cybersecurity and cybercrime discussion often focuses on extreme cases, but this conference allowed for a deeper exploration of more nuanced issues.  The internet has become a necessary platform for all economic activity. We believe a broad spectrum of dialogue like this conference is important to understand the value of the platform and to discuss how to build a globally harmonized consensus. The value of the platform is the fact that it is "connected". This conference started a dialogue for how to build a better society by connecting people, devices and data(knowledge) to face the challenges we will have in 2020.

Cyber3 Conference official site: http://cyber3conf-okinawa2015.jp/