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Intel 2030: Addressing Global Challenges with Urgency, Collaboration and Bold Action

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By Jeff Rittener, Chief Government Affairs Officer, Intel

Today, Intel announced the most ambitious set of corporate responsibility goals in the history of the company. Mapping out measurable impact in the areas of responsibility, sustainability, and inclusion, the goals include:

  • Net positive water usage by conserving 60 billion gallons of water and funding external water restoration projects

  • 100% renewable energy use across our global manufacturing operations

  • Zero total waste to landfill

  • Double the number of women and underrepresented minorities in senior leadership roles

  • Scale the impact of our human rights programs across 100% of our supply chain

In addition, we have an aggressive plan to help address the jobs of the future that we’re calling 30/30/30. Under this plan, we’re going to partner with 30 governments, and 30,000 institutions worldwide to empower more than 30 million people with AI skills training.

We are confident we can achieve these goals because we’ve done it before. Over the past decade Intel has dramatically reduced greenhouse gas emissions, restored billions of gallons of water to local communities and achieved gender pay equity across its global workforce, among other milestones.

As bullish as we are about meeting our own corporate responsibility goals, we know there is so much more we can accomplish by working together with other industries, communities and governments to tackle the world’s most pressing global challenges. In this current pandemic environment, the need for industry and governments to work together to solve the world’s challenges takes on an even greater sense of urgency. Our recent Pandemic Response Initiative is an example of how Intel plans to use our expertise, resources and technology to help accelerate work that saves lives and expands access to critical services around the world.

Over the next ten years, Intel is committed to working with policymakers around the world to understand how they can help address challenges no one company can tackle alone, from climate change and the deepening digital divide to global health challenges.

In the coming weeks and months, we will share more detail around Intel’s commitments as well as Intel’s recommendations for public policy initiatives that will build on our efforts for a truly global impact. I look forward to engaging with you on these ideas as we embark on this journey to enrich the lives of every person on Earth.