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Intel Believes in Dreamers

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steven-rodgers_1.jpg Steven Rodgers, Executive Vice President and General Counsel

By Steven R. Rodgers, Executive Vice President and General Counsel

At Intel, we believe in Dreamers. We believe in their contributions to society. And we believe that rescinding their status will harm not only the Dreamers themselves, but also the companies that employ them and the economy. As a member of the Coalition for the American Dream, we have called on Congress to take legislative action to resolve the status of Dreamers so they can remain and work in the United States. This week, we were proud to join with many others to ask the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to reject the government’s attempts to walk back the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

We choose to stand with Dreamers because we believe finding a path forward for those who have called this nation home since they were children is the right thing to do. As a global company founded by an immigrant, we believe that diversity of backgrounds and perspectives drives innovation that makes us a leader in our industry. And we believe that Dreamers represent a diverse talent pool that will help deliver the next wave of technology and make a significant contribution to society.

We implore Congress to prioritize this important issue and enact a legislative solution– and until then we will not waver, we will continue to stand with Dreamers in their quest to legalize their status as U.S. Workers. Because we believe in them.
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