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Intel Hosts Historic NSTAC Meeting

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By: David Hoffman, Associate General Counsel and Global Privacy Officer
NSTACThis week Intel hosted the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) at our headquarters in Santa Clara, California.  This was the first meeting for the NSTAC in Silicon Valley, which is the engine room of technology innovation.  As Intel put the “silicon” in “Silicon Valley,” we were honored to host the meeting. It was additionally a good opportunity for Intel to host the meeting so we could recognize one of our executives. The White House recently announced the nomination of Intel Security’s Chris Young to join the NSTAC. The nomination will provide him an opportunity to advise the government on how best to enhance cybersecurity across the global communications infrastructure.

Today’s meeting included participation from Cabinet Secretaries Penny Pritzker, Ash Carter and Jeh Johnson.   The participation of these Cabinet Secretaries in the meeting demonstrated the government’s commitment to the progress that can be made on cybersecurity when government and industry take part in constructive dialogue.  Strengthening the nation’s defenses against cyberattacks is a goal that industry and the government share. We can accomplish this goal by joining together and sharing ideas and best practices.   We look forward to further collaborative dialogue on how to best ensure individuals can have trust and confidence in their use of digital devices.