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Intel Presents at Inaugural Commerce Department Workshop on IoT

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By Bridget Karlin, Internet of Things Group Managing Director

IMG_1485Understanding the challenges and opportunities facing the Internet of Things (IoT) is a key focus for the U.S. Department of Commerce, which today kicked off its inaugural Internet of Things workshop in Alexandria, Virginia, supported by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). I was honored to present this morning to public and private industry leaders about why IoT is important and how Intel is working with partners and government entities to support efforts that will shape its future success.

Thanks to new and exciting applications of IoT, our world is being reimagined and rebuilt as one that is smarter and more connected, transforming every experience in our lives. From autonomous vehicles to precision medicine and smart cities, the possibilities for IoT – and its impact on the world around us – are unlimited. Everyday objects like phones, cars, appliances and machinery are connecting to the internet where data is analyzed to extract valuable information in real time, and it’s improving our decision making and helping us address societal problems at the highest levels.

IoT will drive unprecedented benefits for government, businesses, consumers, and communities. Already, Intel is working with partners across industries to develop IoT-based solutions to their most pressing issues. In retail, Intel is helping Levi Strauss & Co. solve an industry-wide challenge of overstocks and stock-outs in their stores, by creating real-time inventory tracking and management answers. Intel is also working with partners to increase safety intelligence for industrial workers and first responders in order to reduce worker injuries and prevent loss of life. And to ensure successful IoT deployments, Intel prioritizes security as the foundation of our IoT solutions. We integrate security at the outset, building cryptography into our chips to enable strong identity and data protection. In addition to the hardware itself, our IoT solutions will employ advanced software security to limit harmful applications from being activated on the device or taking down the network. Integrating multiple layers of security at the outset enables trusted data transmission necessary for successful IoT deployments.

With all of these advances, it’s no wonder that analysts project IoT segments to be a multi-trillion dollar global economic opportunity by 2025. More importantly for the U.S., developed economies are expected to capture 70 percent of the impact of IoT. It’s crucial that we embrace the opportunities provided by IoT and continue keeping the rapid pace of innovation. In order to keep moving forward, Intel is advocating for consistent federal, state and local policies and support for open, standards-based performance rules. The Federal Government is right to invest time and resources toward understanding, nurturing and supporting IoT. We believe IoT is the next step in how our economy, our lives and our communities will evolve.

By continuing to collaborate across public, private and academic sectors, we can build the smart and connected golden age of IoT, where possibilities are as infinite as our imagination.