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Leading the Way in 5G Supply Chain Security

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By Asha Keddy, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Next Generation and Standards, Intel Corporation

asha-keddy_01-333x500.jpgOn Wednesday, March 4, I had the distinct honor of testifying on threats to 5G supply chain security before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. Joined by colleagues at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Competitive Carriers Association, Ericsson, and Nokia, we discussed the changing supply chain security landscape and the need to maintain U.S. 5G competitiveness in the global market.

5G marks the enormous convergence of communications and compute capabilities making previously unimaginable feats achievable and accessible to all members of society. The U.S. was the first nation with widespread 4G coverage, which led to many of the “app economy” innovations we rely upon today, from rides on demand to grocery delivery. With 5G, the next generation of connectivity has arrived including higher data rates, ultra-reliable low latency communications, and support for the multitudes of IoT devices. It will transform how we farm and produce agriculture, how we send astronauts into space and deliver healthcare.

As the largest global semiconductor supplier and a leader in 5G, Intel conducts most of its advanced manufacturing and research and development (R&D) in the United States. Intel is committed to promoting excellence in supply chain risk management practices for the complex, global supply chain that produces IT and communications products. Intel is helping manufacturers and OEMs improve transparency and trustworthiness. Intel is well-positioned to help since our supply chain depends on successful, consistent and trustworthy relationships with roughly 14,000 companies around the world that provide Intel with the raw materials, products and services required for us to supply technology to over 2,100 customers.

That’s why Intel recently announced the Compute Lifecycle Assurance Initiative (CLA), which enables transparency and assurance across a system’s lifecycle and improving platform integrity, resilience and security.

Intel appreciates the opportunity to have appeared before the Senate Commerce Committee and to provide Intel’s views as a leader in 5G technology and supply chain security.