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Painting the Blogosphere Intel Blue

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Let me also extend a warm, personal welcome to the new Intel Public Policy blog!

We launched this week and look forward to opining on many things, large and small, that involve tech legislation, regulation, and government policies around the world. Our team of seventy policy professionals stretches from Beijing to DC to Brussels to Delhi to Moscow and beyond. You’ll be hearing from many of these folks who have heir ears to the ground in capitals around the world. Mind you, we won’t be taking ourselves too seriously. We want to have fun and bring interesting facts and insights and tech tidbits to light. Please comment back, often, and let us know what you think!

First a word or two about Intel, one of the great American manufacturing companies. Our microprocessors are at the heart of personal and business computers, netbooks, medical equipment, supercomputers, and countless other devices essential in today’s digital world. We manufacture 75% of our products in the US, employ 45,000 Americans, and generate 75% of our revenue offshore. The company’s been around for forty years and marches to the beat of co-founder Robert Noyce who said “Don’t be encumbered by history. Go off and do something wonderful.” That spirit is alive and kicking among tens of thousands Intel employees who focus like a laser beam on technology innovation for a better world.

A couple other data points: Intel employs 43,000 people with technical degrees … is the single largest purchaser of reen power in the US … has invested a billion dollars plus toward improving education, particularly in the hard sciences, around the world … and last year our people proudly contributed a million hours of volunteer service in our communities. We have 11 wafer fabs operating in the US, Ireland and Israel with 1 more under construction in China. And our CEO, Paul Otellini, just announced a $7 billion investment in new manufacturing in the US (in Oregon, Arizona, and New Mexico) that brings 32 nanometer (or billionths of a meter!) silicon process technology and sized circuitry to life. We don’t just design microprocessors; we manufacture them and help define new devices and the markets that use them.

When Paul came to DC in February to announce our $7 billion domestic investment he spoke with President Obama about joining hands with his administration to take this country to even greater technological heights. The President responded in kind and said that the first words he sees every morning are right on his computer – “Intel Inside.”

Very cool!

Thanks for your visiting. Please keep coming back!