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Pro-Innovation Momentum Increases for a US Internet of Things Strategy

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By Marjorie Dickman, Global Director and Managing Counsel, IoT Policy

At Intel, we are incredibly excited about the unprecedented opportunity of the Internet of Things (IoT).  The IoT will transform today’s isolated systems into tomorrow's connected computing platforms.  These new platforms will enable increased security, scalability and interoperability of systems throughout the nation and around the globe.  In doing so, the IoT will power the cloud and tens of billions of smart, connected devices across government, industry and the consumer marketplace.

From the highly anticipated advent of autonomous vehicles to unparalleled innovation across the smart retail and industrial sectors, the IoT will offer enormous benefits for the US government, industry and consumers.  This dramatic technology transformation will facilitate seamless delivery of new services, enhanced productivity and efficiency, improved real-time decision making, solutions to critical societal problems, and development of new and innovative user experiences.  Altogether, this far smarter and more connected world will create new jobs, boost GDP and strengthen the US economy.

For these reasons, we commend Congressmen Paulsen and Welch for their bipartisan introduction today of the Developing Innovation and Growing the Internet of Things (DIGIT) Act.  This forward-looking Act will establish the critical foundation for US policymakers and industry to work together to remove barriers to IoT innovation and develop a world-leading national IoT strategy.  With this solid foundation, the DIGIT Act will ensure America’s global leadership in the rapidly evolving IoT marketplace.

Intel looks forward to working with Congressmen Paulsen and Welch, as well as other pro-innovation supporters of the DIGIT Act in the House and Senate, to accelerate our shared vision of flourishing US engagement in the global IoT marketplace.
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Global Director & Managing Counsel, Internet of Things Policy