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A Career in Intel Corporate Services (ICS): In Conversation with Teh Hooi Ling

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Great determination and resourcefulness are without a doubt among Hooi Ling’s greatest assets.  Growing up as the youngest child in her family, this Bukit Mertajam, Penang native knew she had to work harder than most, given the financial challenges faced by her family. Upon completing her high school studies, she took on a part-time job as a promoter at a local supermarket to fund her diploma studies. Her grit and perseverance eventually paved the way to a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics, Robotics & Automation Engineering from the UK.

Becoming an engineer is a childhood dream come true for Hooi Ling. Looking back, she shares that she was always the curious tinkerer in the household. Whenever something was broken, she would be the one to take it apart in an attempt to find a way of fixing it. Though she was never really keen on numbers, she had a knack for all things mechanical and robotic.


Redefining the norms of chip design and manufacturing

As a Facility Mechanical Engineer in Corporate Services (CS) today, Hooi Ling is the point of contact between engineering and operations with seven Intel Penang buildings under her watch.

“Here in CS, our operations never stop. We work hard behind the scenes to ensure that every Intel employee is taken care of. From optimizing air-conditioning temperature, to ensuring clean drinking water, to designing and sustaining system operation without interruptions, the entire crew works round the clock. Our satisfaction comes from creating an awesome working experience for our co-workers at site. We are always just a call away!


For Hooi Ling, no two days are the same; challenges are unpredictable and there is a deep sense of fulfilment whenever issues are resolved, and workplace improvements are implemented.

Integrity, quality and the constant quest for growth

“I have an unquenchable thirst for new knowledge and developing my skillset to be a greater contributor. At Intel, you get two career paths to choose from: technical or management. I have chosen the management path so I could work closely with peers and deal with stakeholders better. I am also thankful for the opportunity extended by my department to pursue Facility Management Professional (FMP), an internationally recognized certification.


When it comes to core team values, integrity and quality top the list for Hooi Ling. With the team largely working with external vendors, adherence to codes of conduct is of the utmost importance. Quality is equally prioritized as the work of CS directly impacts the end user; working in a workspace that is well equipped, maintained, and comfortable will inevitably have a positive impact on efficiency.

As a leader, Hooi Ling works to foster a commitment from the team to embrace a culture of collaboration which has proven to increase innovation and performance. “It is a continuous process of learning how to do things better, together. We don’t work in silos – the team is constantly interacting with one another and other business units to connect the dots. We leave no one behind; teamwork is integral to the team’s success,” she says decidedly.


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