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A Doctoral Student’s Perspective: Life at Intel Germany

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Intel Germany offers many opportunities for doctoral students to start a career after graduation—or even before. But what is it really like for Ph.D.s at Intel Germany?

Felix-picture.jpgTo find out, we asked Felix Last. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in “Machine Learning Applications for Electronic Design Automation” in collaboration between Intel and the Technical University of Munich. We asked him about his work, personal development, and what advice he’d give to other students interested in Ph.D. opportunities at Intel.

Tell us about yourself and what you’re currently working on at Intel Germany.

A stranger to the world of microelectronics, I had a master’s degree in computer science and analytics before I joined Intel in Munich last year. For my Ph.D. project, I am researching how machine learning can be applied to automate the design process of chips.

Why did you choose Intel Germany to do your Ph.D.?

They had me when they said that my project involved “plenty of exciting problems and even more data.” And calling Intel your employer feels quite good, too!

How has working at Intel Germany helped you develop personally and professionally?

Most importantly, I’ve learned to value the experts from other fields who surround me here. It has been a great opportunity to be able to ask all of my “stupid” questions, yet still bring new solutions to the table. Also, learning how to keep my head above the water amidst the fast-paced design and release cycles is also a much-valued skill.

Do you have any advice to students who are considering a Ph.D. project?  

Use your network as well as advertised openings to find out what you could do and what you would like to do. Don’t limit yourself too early. Consider all your options: academic and industry, interdisciplinary and foundational research. Don’t neglect the personal aspect – your supervisor(s) and the working environment are likely more important than a topic that excites you from the start. Most topics get more interesting the more time you spend researching them.


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