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A Wonderful Homecoming: How Intel Facilitated Srinivas & Yamuna’s Seamless Transition to India

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Srinivas-and-Yamuna.jpgFor a couple who has been part of the Intel family for more than 20 years, Yamuna and Srinivas have had quite the journey. They have moved across domains and around the globe to be where they are today, which is nothing short of an adventure!

Srinivas started out as a design engineer with the CPU Development Team at Intel’s Folsom campus in 1997. A Circuit Design Engineer, he worked on the designs for mainstream Intel processors, primarily the Intel® Pentium® processor series. He was an individual contributor for the entirety of his career in the United States.

Yamuna, on the other hand, joined Intel’s Folsom campus as a Graphics Driver Validation Engineer in 1999, and moved on to business development and technology marketing, and finally to program management during her time at Folsom. She has handled clients around the world from countries like Brazil, Peru, Egypt, Malaysia and China. Along with her team, she secured deals and design wins in these countries, while exploring their diverse work cultures.

Over the years, their careers flourished in their respective fields, but Yamuna and Srinivas knew they eventually wanted to move back to their own native country, India. It was only a question of timing for them. In 2010, having spent almost 15 years in the United States, the couple decided to make the move, fielding concerned questions from their families.

“For us, the transition to India was about our family and the cultural exposure for our kids. By family, we mean our aging parents and elders. We want to be there for them during this phase of their lives,” says Srinivas. Along with raising their kids as global citizens, Yamuna and Srinivas wanted them to experience Indian culture in their formative years, especially growing up close to their grandparents. It was about bridging two generations that would have stayed apart if the couple hadn’t moved back to India.

On the professional front, however, the shift was seamless as well as constructive. Yamuna and Srinivas excelled in their roles after their transition. The dynamic nature of Intel India and the continuous opportunities, make it a great place for go-getters like them.

In 2010, Srinivas moved to the CPU team at Intel India and continued the work he was previously doing. That’s when his managers and seniors took notice of his skillset and assigned  him to more challenging roles to drive platform innovations for Intel with Low power offloading engines like Sensor Hub and other IP subsystems Within a few years, he was called upon to a completely different and incredibly exciting opportunity in an emerging space – Artificial Intelligence.

“When I had to move to a new innovation after being a CPU guy for 14 years, it was all very new to me. Intel India being extremely accommodative and employee-oriented, my transition was pleasant and constructive. With a diverse enough portfolio and product range, Intel India makes it very conducive to explore within the organization,” Srinivas shares.

As for Yamuna, she joined the server validation team in Bangalore as a Program Manager. The work being quite similar to what she had done in her later years in the US, she had a very smooth transition. In the following years, she had to balance exciting work in Intel Custom Foundry with breaks due to maternity and other personal reasons. Upon rejoining work, the first manager who hired her at Intel India asked her to join the Internet of Things Group (IoTG) and manage a team under him. Despite not having prior experience in this space, her manager was positive that she was up to the challenge and lead the team that was working on cutting edge technology within IOTG like Functional Safety (FuSA) in autonomous driving & industrial automation sectors. Not only did she take up that role, but she has been prospering at it for the last few years. That’s how supportive the Intel family is.

Taking on opportunities across a diverse portfolio of work certainly helped Srinivas and Yamuna reach their current positions. Both still at Intel India, Srinivas is now the Vice President and General Manager of the Artificial Intelligence Platforms Group (Habana Labs), and Yamuna is an Engineering Manager in IoTG.

 When asked if they would like to move back to the United States anytime soon, they laugh it off. For them, the motivation is always their family. “We love India and the work we do here, so there are no such plans. Looks like we’ll just go with the flow,” says Yamuna, smiling at Srinivas.

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