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An Inside Look at Intel in Europe

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Have you ever been curious about what it’s like to work at Intel? Looking for a way to connect with Intel recruiters and ask questions about working at Intel? While our recruiting team visits tons of campuses around the world to share Intel opportunities, it’s impossible to go everywhere and meet everyone. So we came up with a different way to meet people, wherever they are, through Virtual Events.


Talent is hard to find nowadays and the usual career fair might not be around the corner for everyone, so why not try it online? After collaborating with the experienced Virtual Events team in the US, we eventually had a rough picture in mind of what, who and when. Well equipped to organise an innovative virtual job fair, targeting students and college graduates all over Europe, our idea was to provide future talent with interactive, virtual information about Intel Europe and our Mobile and Communications Group. This was to be achieved by a virtual presentation held by Günther Harrasser (Manager Test and Build Automation) and an interactive element, our virtual “booths”, where Intel engineers and recruiters would be chatting with possible future candidates.

Promotion in the weeks before the event was running wild. Several postings via Intel’s Social Media channels, as well as targeted Facebook Ads and a Facebook event were utilised as well as promotions on our Jobs at Intel Facebook page. Moreover, supported by some internal helpers, our team got in contact with around 4000 people from our Taleo  candidate databases and LinkedIn connections in our group and company page and above 100 professors and staff at target universities throughout Europe. We definitely wanted to get the message out there!

After three months of intensive preparation, the day was finally here and we were finally ready to go! During the event, 8 engineers and 3 recruiters sat around a big table at our IMC Campeon site in Munich. The evening did actually look a little like a LAN Party, with all those cables and screens. Everyone stuck to their laptop, striving to answer every question asked in our Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and HR virtual chat booths. In order to avoid food or drink cravings, we had some Oktoberfest elements organised in advance, as it was that time of the year in Munich:). So the atmosphere during the event was fun, yet professional – just how we like it! At 8 p.m., after two hours of interacting with a bunch of very interested potential candidates, people in the chats thanked us for the great event, our laptops were shut down and 11 happy faces went home.


The next day we figured out our event was a great success. We had over 800 people register for the event, which included Günther’s presentation group chats in our virtual booths. Mission accomplished! - Thanks to each and every individual who contributed to this event, on the Intel side and the candidate side! Were you at the event? What feedback do you have for us? If you haven’t attended an Intel Virtual Event, be sure to check out our calendar and attend our next event!